Demerara (DSS) Power Solutions

Our company is a provider of standby generators for residential, commercial and industrial use and true to our founding vision of defining excellence in our trade, we will lead the way in customer service and a commitment to quality that is second to none


Demerara Power is building a fleet of generation assets to support the requirements of its Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Customers. With our reputation for ultra-fast response to customer emergencies, Demerara Power is uniquely positioned to respond to mission-critical Emergency and Standby Power Supply System’s needs.

Custom Solutions - Power As A Service (PaaS)

Our Power as a service (PaaS) solution combined an industry-leading technology platform and technical partners, managed services, and cutting-edge technology significantly enhances the operational and economic opportunities of distributed generation and storage assets. Our holistic energy market expertise provided by EaaS solutions makes distributed energy resource (DER) asset management easier and more profitable.

Service and Maintenance

Regardless of your project size, Demerara Power will bring our knowledge and experience to every installation to make sure your critical power backup system performs the way it was designed to.

Our engineers will ensure all installations are completed correctly, carry out essential final checks, and commission the system so it’s working optimally from day one. We follow a professional approach to every install. Our project managers and engineers will work together to manage every aspect of your installation project. From the initial design, right the way through to final electrical testing and commissioning.

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