Oil & Gas

Engineering Services – Consulting, Augmented Staffing, Technical Analysis

The accomplished engineering team works directly with our operations team to provide our clients with the best overall solutions to their challenges in marine environments. Our design process uses integrated analytical and practical steps to achieve the goals of the project, while allowing for safe and cost-effective execution in the field. Using the latest and most advanced analysis techniques available, we provide site-specific consulting and technical subsea services even in the most challenging locations in the world.

Shore Services

Our technical and engineering staff includes degreed engineers in the field of Ocean Engineering with proven design experience including major offshore construction companies and drilling contractors. Including our operational staff, each of these individuals has extensive, hands-on experience not only in actual offshore operations but also in worldwide project development and management.


We have expanded and enhanced our abilities to provide passenger and cargo transport to Oil and Gas companies offshore drill platforms. Then we provide comprehensive oil and gas aviation services onshore and offshore in Guyana, and potentially in other emerging global locations.

Shipping – Port to Rig Services

We install and recover subsea production equipment from drilling rigs and anchor handling vessels. We provide a variety of deep-water production installation services, including but not limited to overall project management, tanker provision & maintenance, front end engineering, and offshore installation.

Medical Services

As a concierge medical provider, we perform specialized services like Quick Access to Vital Information, Improved Patient Flow, Increased Transparency and Communication, Customized Reporting and Clinical Notes Customizations.

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