Our History

Demerara Supply & Services started in the then British Guiana in 1920.  It’s modern operation under the name of Demerara was founded in 1966 upon Guyana’s Independence.

It’s affiliate MCCG is a 25-year-old alliance of firms providing professional services in Guyana, the United States, Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

The firms trace their history back to 1920 in Guyana when we started our first commercial venture at Banana Landing. In the 1970’s, the company introduced international contractors to Guyana and worked on project development teams.

The business opened in the US in  the 1980’s, providing management consulting, project management, and international business services.

In 2000, ARVO was started as a commercial real estate affiliate to the company. In 2015, MCCG added oil & gas and agricultural services to our list of offerings.

Our Mission

To supply infrastructural and emergency support services to business, industry and government agencies, public or private, between Guyana, the United States and other countries.

Our Story

Much of Georgetown and the coastline moving east is about 1.5m below sea level, with the sea managed using a system of dykes and pumps, in combination with tides.

A mud flat extends offshore up to 20km, requiring boats to access the shore base according to the tides.

The land planned for the extended shore base required significant work to handle the loading. The coastline is soft sediment and organic material built up over an extended period.

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